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good. If you have tan lines that will show then try to lose them. It's always best not to have tan lines. Drink lots of water a few days before your shoot as it will help your complexion look its best. Get lots of rest and don't go out drinking or partying the night before your shoot. Without a doubt, you want look and feel good.

3. Prepare and Practice: Trained Models – "Utilize & express the basic poses, movement and rules that you have been taught… while accentuating your personality". Checkout some magazines where you see models that have the same look as you. Tear out the photos and bring them to the shoot. It sometimes helps freelance photographers and makeup artists get a better understanding of how to shoot you. Also, practice the different poses that you find the models doing in the magazines. As a New Model it's always good to know at least 12 different model poses. Practice your poses and fluidly switch them every three to five seconds. This will give you confidence and your shoot will be even better.

4. Do Not bring your friends or parents to your shoot: Many times new models will feel nervous or will look to their friend for approval and they become distracted. Sometimes even parents can intimidate the models. Many of us act differently around our parents than we normally would and it affects your look while shooting. Shooting is very much like acting and you have to feel good about giving the photographer the look he's shooting. The photographer could be telling you to look happy, candid, excited or mad; become sad, seductive, vulnerable, angry or sexy; whatever the look calls for, then the model should be able to demonstrate.

The following information, including 'Realities of Modeling', 'Photo-Shoot Tips' and more has been provided for amateur (unpaid & non-contracted) models seeking next level paid & contracted bookings. For more information about CherVeli Media got to the About Us link under the home tab. For Professional Photography details, Casting Call notices and posted photos, including limited TFP/TFCD (Time or trade for printed photos/CD copy) opportunities as a barter exchange you must Register to be a part of the community.

Interested Models and New model prospects seeking scheduled interviews and or auditions for a "2-year Non-Exclusive Modeling Contract" represented by CherVeli Management must Register first and be sure to complete as much information as possible, including your contact phone, e-mail and basic stat-info: male/female, height, known measurements, natural eye color, hair length & color, etc.

Portfolio Shooting Tips

1. Clothes: Although your shoot consists of four outfits you want to bring as many as possible. This will help the photographer and makeup artist select what will look best for your photos.

Your clothes should be fashionable, form fitting, and solid bright colors works best.

You don't want your clothes to look big on you. It only results in making you look

Bigger than you really are. If you don't have many clothes then ask some of your

friends or go shopping for a few cool outfits. Often Models will shop specifically for

clothes to shoot and return them (in new condition) after the shoot. Some clothes may look great to shoot in but you wouldn't wear them out. Bring different color bras and underwear. Your shoes aren't as important because most shots will not show your feet. One look will be a full length shot and may show your feet so make sure yourshoes will match. No jewelry! Leave all your rings, watches, diamonds, gold, silver, wood, at home. Small ear rings like studs can sometimes work.

2. Body: If you think you need to lose a few pounds then start working-out now. The treadmill is highly recommended and most models will walk fast for a few hours a day. Come to the shoot with a clean body, hair, and teeth. Girls, shave your arms and legs.

You don't want any funk showing-up in your photos. Your fingers and toe nails should be clear in color.  Your hair should be an even color. Showing discolored roots doesn't look

Realities of Modeling

Modeling is by its very nature, is about 'sex appeal' (attractively appealing to consumers in a captivating way). Selling an attractive image is why models are hired. If a model can't put forward a confident image with the knowledge that it is his/her body/figure on display, they are in the wrong field.

· Shyness is not a good quality for a model. Fashion shows may not have separate dressing rooms. Photo shoots may not have private changing facilities. Clients or scouts may opt to take your measurements to see if you fit the mould.

· A lot of people are in this industry for less-than honorable reasons. There are always people trying to take advantage of "starry-eyed, model wannabe's." No agency can protect you from everything. Although a good agency will try to limit a model's exposure to such types, it is impossible to weed through everyone.

· Models have to be healthy. Models must take care of themselves and be willing to do the work necessary to maintain a marketable image. Even plus-size models have to appear healthy and attractive.

· Models must constantly educate themselves. It is vital a model understands the world of fashion and the expectations involved. This means keeping up-to-date with trends, knowing what's required in their market, understanding the roles of the various people involved, etc. It is a lot to learn because things change so quickly in this industry.

· Rejection is more common than acceptance. When a model competes for a job she is up against several other models. Not everyone can get the job. Quite often the rejection will be cold and flat with no apologies or explanation. Other times there will be an explanation, and it won't be sugarcoated. It is not to be taken personal - Use it to fuel your success at the next opportunity.

· Modeling is seldom glamorous. There is the opportunity to travel, meet amazing people, be seen by a lot of people, and make a lot of money, but it is a lot of work. Photo-shoots can start at sunrise, and involve standing around for hours. The demands of photographers, stylists, art directors, agents and clients can be overwhelming. You may have to rush to one location, only to have to wait around to be seen, and then promptly be rejected.

Modeling Tips

All new model prospects (models not represented and unsigned by an agency) need to know certain realities and essentials, while constantly studying and keeping up with current trends. The modeling industry is very discriminatory. While Ethnic and Racial Diversity standards in modeling have improved recently, having outstanding Beauty, Sex Appeal and Physical Attractiveness are the trademark and foundation of the industry. There are generally more models and hopefuls that meet the criteria than there are modeling jobs. Opportunities for exposure and experience are limited for those that live far from major market areas. However, model prospects that advance and go on to become notably successful have significant character qualities in common, regardless of their origin, race or ethnicity. In the beginning, development of these personal attributes consistently distinguishes them from their peers.

Determination & Desire

Fashion Photographers, Make-up and Wardrobe Specialists can make a model look fabulous, technology and training can make you sound fabulous. All of these are external modifications that come after you get your foot in the door. Before any of that can happen, commitment, desire and the drive to succeed must come from within… they must come from you! No agency will force you to practice, develop and have healthy habits. It is imperative that you bring those 'character attributes' with you, and don't leave home without them.

Attitude & Punctuality

Something that you will become very accustomed to in the modeling industry is the 'hurry-up and wait' cycle. Being late will most often get you replaced by another model, sent home and or told not to return by Directors, Producers and Coordinators. Time is money. Production time is even more money. Not only is it a bad reflection on you, but the agency that you sent you as well. When you arrive on time it is commonplace for you to be rushed to get your hair done followed by a lengthy wait to get into the make-up chair… followed by another wait to get on set… or a wardrobe change… or for the photographer to finish with the model before you. Then after long hours of waiting you must be able to 'turn it on' when the camera and lights hit you. Now 'it's show time!' and you are being paid to be outstanding, radiant and gleaming. Once you have successfully cleared the other hurdles to get yourself into position for success don't let impatience, a bad attitude, or laziness be your undoing.

Knowledge & Aptitude

In any profession, your knowledge, ability and aptitude determine and directly affect your Marketability, Profitability and Income. The first step is to know that you are individually responsible for providing Professional Fashion Photography, Headshots, a Portfolio and Comp-Cards or Digital Com-Cards to modeling agencies that contract to represent you. The absence of these basic tools is equivalent to a proclaimed Painter applying for a painting job but he doesn't own any brushes. The same is true of a Fisherman with no net or fishing poles, and a Mechanic that has no tools or wrenches. While lacking your tools of the trade is no crime, because you have to start somewhere, you are kidding yourself about seriously pursuing this profession without them. Do your homework; use your resources on the Internet, at your local library, the bookstore and what you see on TV or on magazine racks to help you identify the category of modeling that you are equipped to pursue. Otherwise you will waste your time, money and efforts chasing opportunities with agencies that don't market your look.

A great place to start and improve your modeling aptitude is www.modelresource.com on the Internet. I recommend beginning with the Getting Started topic button. Here you will find more detailed information such as Realities of Modeling. There's also plenty of information on Model Types, Characteristics, Runway Techniques, Skin Care, Arranging Your Portfolio, Health & Fitness and more. Although there is no substitute for direct personal training, you are two steps ahead of the majority when you utilize accurate resources.

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