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…Creating an insatiable appetite for our clients in the Consumer Marketplace through Commercial and Entertainment Media since 1997."

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NC, VA & SC - Featured Models  For Print, Fashion, TV & film  Wanted

It's all about "Creating an insatiable appetite for Models & Actors in the Media Entertainment Industry". And that begins with attention-grabbing photos that speak volumes without uttering a word.

New and established Models & Actors truly appreciate my work because they gain so much from every session. I incorporate years of industry experience to foster and produce results that take talent to the next level. [Resume available upon request].

People PAY to see, support, celebrate and experience the Amazing Chemistry that happens between a Model/Actor and the Camera... in breathtaking artistry. Those who collaborate to produce "That Special Chemistry & Hotness" will always have a hungry and most captivated audience (fans). Some people naturally have it, although most have to learn how to create it. But when it's right - those passionate, provocative fireworks captured on film/digital draw countless fans to their work... and with an even bigger appetite to purchase your next project!

So are you READY TO Start YET???

There's a critical difference between Agents & Agencies that treat and refer to their clients like farm animals being lead to "Cattle Calls"... and the very few of us who treat Talent & Models like respected Clients teaming-up with us to make Outstanding Progress while pursuing high-level Media Industry Accomplishments & Success.

If you already have a current Headshot, Comp-card & Portfolio that is OUTSTANDING enough to command 'the right kind of industry attention'... then we can get you plugged into bookings fairly quick. Otherwise, you will need to acquire and upgraded what is widely regarded as your Model/Actor Industry Business Cards. Without the CORRECT TOOLS displaying your hireable-skills YOU WILL NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY... AND YOU WILL NOT ADVANCE...! THAT is the primary dividing line between Skilled Talented people that GET PAID and develop Careers (because they can demonstrate know-how & aptitude) vs. huge masses of hopeful people who think all they have to do is show-up cute, pretty or nearly naked with all their goodies on display.

Our Modeling Basics Training Sessions have proven to save Clients and their parents thousands of dollars (over the past 14 years) and with industry knowledge & preparation second to none… in a fraction of the time and costs to get started.  Consistently they speak of and confirm to other CherVeli Management Trained Clients how so many over-pay for John Casablancas, Barbizon, John Robert Powers, Evie Mansfield and similar "professional model agency training courses".